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Is there a cell phone and an astronaut sculpture in Uraiyur temple?


Attracting the attention of the world. Panchavarnswamy Temple is located in Tamil Nadu, India. According to archaeologists, the temple is about 2000 years old. Statues of bicycles, dressed in astronauts and cell phones are carved on the walls of the temple. Modern science says that the bicycle was invented by Macmillan in Europe 200 years ago. Panchavarnasamy Temple is a famous Shiva temple. It is located in Uraiyur, a suburb of Tiruchirappalli. It is believed that Shiva depicts five different colours (panchaputhas), hence the name Panchavarnasamy. Panchavarnasamy is a famous place where the 7th century Tamil Hindu vegetarian spiritual works were sung by Thevaram (Nayanars).

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Thousands of posts with photos of the astronaut, cellphone and bicycle carving at the 2000-year-old Panchavarnaswamy Temple in Uraiyur near Trichy have been shared. Followers are share this post and asked us to and comment on its authenticity.

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This is not the first time rumours that this post has been circulating about the Uraiyur Panchavarnaswamy temple. A reverse image search of the astronaut’s photo, which went viral, revealed that the sculpture did not belong to India.

A 2006 Portuguese-language article reads, “The statue of the astronaut was carved during the 1992 reconstruction of the Cathedral of Salamanca in Spain.” There are many Internet sources that prove this.

The cell phone sculpture also does not belong to the Uraiyur temple. The full photo of the cell phone sculpture below the sculpture states the year as “1996”. It is customary to incorporate modern innovations into sculptures during reconstruction.

The 1,300 year old Uraiyur Panchavarnaswamy Temple is rumoured to have a bicycle sculpture. The bicycle sculpture was carved by the city during the reconstruction work in the 1920s.

They also misrepresented the bicycle sculpture carved in other countries as the Uraiyur temple. They are spreading the rumor by adding some more photos in their sequel.

The Youturn team visited the Uraiyur temple and collected information about the sculpture there and had already released the video.


In our search, the photos spread that there is a bicycle, astronaut, cellphone sculpture in the 2000 year old Uraiyur temple are false. The bicycle sculpture was carved by the city at the Panchavarnaswamy Temple in the 1920s. The astronaut’s cell phone sculpture can be traced back to the 1990s in another country.

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