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Fact check: Is it a Photo of Transformer in Uttar Pradesh?


Transformer in UP State!

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A photo of a small transformer propped up by a tree has gone viral on social media with the persistent message, “If Kerala needs to grow, the BJP must rule it – Yogi Aditya Nath (pictured: Transformer in Uttar Pradesh).”

Koodankulam Anti-Nuclear Coordinator SP Udayakumar posted on his Facebook page that the post has been shared by over 13,000 people. The post, which is featuring UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and a Transformer where it is written in another language. Readers are also being asked about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

When we did a reverse image search of the Transformer photo, which was widely criticized as being a development of Uttar Pradesh, we were able to see posts that shared the same photo claiming to belong to other states, including Gujarat. There was also a Facebook post shared in 2020 claiming to be Pakistan.

The Transformer photo, which is viral in social media claiming to be in the states of India and Pakistan, is not shared with any details. There is no news or evidence to confirm that this transformer exists in India.

Searching the photo in the reverse image and searching further, “2 years ago this photo was published on the website with information in Russian. Translate it into a Transformer in the Republic of Dagestan. “

This photo of the transformer is posted on the Hilvan Gölcük Village Facebook page in September 2018 in Turkey.

Similarly, in October 2018, the photo was shared on the website iraqkhair, referring to Iraq in Arabic.

However, on August 29, 2018, the website reported that “the financial crisis in the Luhansk Energy System in Ukraine is deteriorating and causing severe power outages in some cities, including Severodonetsk.”


In our search, the photo spread as Transformer in UP state is incorrect. There is no evidence that the photo belongs to Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, the same photo was shared with the names of several Indian states, including Gujarat.

Also, the same photo has been featured in a news release about the impact of electricity service on cities in Ukraine for the past 3 years. The photo travels around Iraq, Pakistan and Ukraine too.

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