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Did Anesthesia cause life risk for the vaccinated person at the surgery?


Vaccine Warning: Anyone who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus is prohibited from taking any type of anaesthetic, even local anaesthetic or dental anaesthesia, as it causes a great risk to the life of the vaccinated person. There is a possibility of death too… Therefore, the vaccinated person should wait for up to 4 weeks after vaccination…



A forward message has been circulating on WhatsApp and other social networking sites warning those who have been vaccinated against corona not to take any anaesthetics for medical reasons. Readers are also asked us to comment on its authenticity.

Fact Check:

Dr Praveen, who spoke to us about this, said, “This is misinformation. None of the vaccine manufacturers, such as Covaxin and Covshield, have mentioned any contradictions about medical anaesthesia in their vaccine reports and scientific studies on the vaccine. ”

Dr Samiran Panda, Head of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, ICMR, has categorically denied the allegations as unscientific. He said, “After vaccination, it is advisable not to take any immuno-suppressive drug immediately after vaccination, in order to fully regain its effective immunity. And that is also only to get the full benefit of that vaccine. But the effects of any anaesthetic can be short-lived. So it does not affect the body, ” he told in India Today.

The fake news, which was spread across India in several languages ​​including English and Tamil, has made its impact in Malaysia as well. The Malaysian Anesthesiologists Association has issued a press release on the news.

In a joint statement, Dr Marzida Manser, President of the Malaysian Society of Anastheolisist, and Dr Zahizah Hassan, President of the Malaysian Academy of Medicine College, said: The goal is to achieve complete immunity from the vaccine. Vaccination should not be a barrier if surgery is necessary. ”

Further, the official PIB’s Twitter handle said, “Till to date, there is no scientific evidence to confirm this news. This news is fake, don’t believe the rumours, get vaccinated. ” as they been posted on Twitter.


In our search, people who have been vaccinated should not take anaesthesia for 4 weeks is fake news and the claim that “a person who received the anaesthesia from a local physician for surgery and then he immediately died.” is a cooked up story.

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