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TN’s Action to reclaim the land of Vadapalani temple is True? or Fake drama?


According to the old Survey Nos. 21, 23, 25 and 26 in the Saligram area of ​​Chennai, a total of 5.38 acres of land in the name of Vadapalani Koil has been reclaimed. The fact that what DMK did in this matter was they recovered the temple property only from those who parked the vehicles without paying rent on the land.

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A few days ago, the media reported that 5.5 acres of land worth about Rs 250 crore belonging to the Vadapalani Murugan Temple in Chennai had been reclaimed under the leadership of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department Minister Sekar Babu. It has also received rave reviews from many on social media.

In this case, a photo of a news page published in a newspaper has been shared on Twitter, stated that Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department Minister has taken steps to reclaim the unoccupied land.

Fact Check:

A plot of 5.52 acres (Survey Nos. 21/2, 23/1, 25/1, 26/1) of the Vadapalani Murugan Temple, located on Karunanidhi Street, Gandhinagar, Chennai, worth about Rs. 1 lakh per month on lease to the Development Corporation. But people who parked the vehicles there are using the land without paying the rent properly.

The remaining land has been occupied by the private sector as a paid parking lot. Fepsi, (a cinema workers’ organization) has been used as a parking lot for corporate vehicles and various private vehicles. Several petitions have been filed on behalf of the temple to restore the site, which has been dimmed for about 10 years. But no action has been taken.

A resident of the area told ANI News, “This particular land has belonged to the Vadapalani temple for more than 100 years. Children used to play in these lands. The property value of this land is over Rs 100 crore. Vehicles were then illegally parked here. Previous governments have not taken any action against this. We appreciate the steps taken by this government. ”

In an interview, Minister Sehgar Babu said, “This land has been privately occupied and used as a parking lot and several lakhs have been earned. This was brought to the attention of the Chief Minister by members of the Legislative Assembly Karunanidhi and Prabhakar Raja. We have reclaimed the land belonging to the Police, Charitable Trusts and Chennai Corporation to prevent the private sector from looting the land belonging to the temple. We have given the invaders a day off. He said.

Vadapalani temple on the land recovered on June 7 – in Dinamalar: ” Bravo! Chennai Vadapalani temple land reclaimed ”was published as Headlines. In it, “Several petitions have filed on behalf of the temple during the last regime regarding the occupation of the temple property. But, no action was taken. They shirk their responsibility in this matter and should take appropriate action against the officers who aided the occupiers. Such property occupations did not suddenly erupt today or yesterday, sure it has been on the stage for 10 years. Departmental action, including “suspension,” should be taken against officials who fail to do so in this incident.

It is said that action will be taken to restart the closed women’s hostel here. Occupancy is the act of making money by keeping the land under their control. However, the name and details of those who did this have not been officially released. It is the duty of the department to identify the occupiers of the temple property and to take action against the officials who assisted in it.


In our search, the temple-owned land has long been privately occupied and it was being used for parking. Petitions have been filed on behalf of the temple several times regarding the occupation of the temple land. From this information, we came to know that the Newspaper cut which claims “DMK recovered the temple property only from those who parked the vehicles without paying rent on the land” is misleading information.

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