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Did Vaiko convert to Christianity with his family?


Vaiko has converted with his family -Mohan C Lazarus

Christian Vaiko should not comment on other religions.

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Christian pastor Mohan C. Lazarus said, “Mr. Vaiko is the leader of a political party in Tamil Nadu. May his wife and children be saved and baptized in the Church. Mr. Vaiko is still a party leader. He reads the Bible twice a day. When he speaks to me, he said that he read the Bible morning and night. The Hindu Makkal Katchi has posted a 1.07-minute video on how to pray.

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Following this, the video has been shared that Vaiko has converted to Christianity with his family. We searched for information to find out if what Mohan C Lazarus said was true.

Fact Check:

When we searched for the 1.07 minute video of Mohan C Lazarus speaking, in November 2017, the same video was posted on a Facebook post stating that Vaiko had converted. Searching for this, the news of Vaiko’s denial that I had not converted came out in 2017. The video of Mohan C Lazarus speaking in 2017 has been the subject of controversy.

“My sister is a Christian. The daughter and son-in-law are Christians. I did not join Christianity. I read all the religious books that regulate human life. He is a regular reader of Thevaram, Thiruvasakam, Bible and Holy Quran. In it, it is customary to quote the remarks made in my speech.

As long as the mother was there, Kalingapatti would worship the images of Hindu gods at home and put thiruneer on my forehead. Now my daughter-in-law is doing pooja. My wife goes to church. I have never spoken out against any religion or worship. I did not join Christianity. I read the Bible and the Holy Quran as much as I read the Holy Quran. ”

Other news websites, including Hindu Tamil, have also published the news of Vaiko’s denial.

Not only this, with the denial that Vaiko has not converted, Mohan C. Lazarus has been proselytizing the people of the area. In 2017, Nakkeeran reported that Hindu Makkal Katchi leader Arjun Sampath and executives had filed a petition with the Coimbatore District Collector seeking legal action against Mohan C Lazarus.

Arjun Sampath, who appeared on the televised debate on October 24, 2018, said, “Vaiko has denied what Mohan C Lazarus said. But now Arjun Sampath’s Hindu People’s Party Twitter page is sharing the same video again. The controversial video of Mohan C Lazarus speaking in 2017 is now being circulated again for political reasons.



In our search, there is no truth in the claim that Mohan C. Lazarus said that Vaiko converted into Christianity with his family. He denies that he did not change his religion. However, it is learned that Vaiko’s sister, daughter and son – in – law are Christians and Vaiko claims that his wife regularly goes to church.


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