This article is from Jul 03, 2021

The truth behind the video declaring that Varanasi Kasi Viswanathar Temple has been renovated. Lets explore !


A short two and half minutes video of a temple circulating in social media is affirming that the temple in the said video is Kasi Viswanathar temple in Varanasi and it has been renovated.


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While searching for a video being circulated as renovated Varanasi’s Kasi Vishwanathar temple we came across a indistinguishable video uploaded by a YouTube channel called Planner India in May 2020. This was about the recent completion of the Mani Mandir temple in Varanasi. In February 24, 2020, another video of the same temple was released on the YouTube channel ZNDM News.

On Twitter of Planner India, they have posted that “Mani Mandir Temple in Varanasi was designed by Planner India. The news spreading on social media that this is the renovated Kasi Vishwanathar temple is a hoax.

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Conclusion :

Centred on our research, it comes to light that the 2.47-minute video which claims the renovated temple as the Varanasi Kasi Vishwanathar Temple is fake. It is actually the Mani Mandir Temple that opened last year in Varanasi.

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