Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ first look poster is rumoured to have copied the Otto advertisement!




The first look poster of the movie starring actor Vijay and directed by Telugu film director Vamsi was released yesterday. The first look poster of the Vijay movie titled ‘Varisu’ is viral on social media sites mentioning that it is copied from the Otto advertisement starring Dulqar Salman.

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What is the truth?

On June 21, the official Twitter page of actor Vijay and the Twitter page of the film’s production company Sri Venkateswara Creation released the poster of the Varisu film. Director Vamsi also shared this on his Twitter page.

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While doing a reverse image search for the poster of Dulqar Salman’s Otto advertisement, the poster of Vijay’s Varisu film was found. Also, only the head of actor Dulqar featured in the Otto ad poster has been edited and actor Vijay’s head in the Varisu poster is replaced with it.

A few days ago, the title card of the movie ‘Jailer’ starring actor Rajinikanth in Nelson’s direction was released. The title card has been criticized for using the image of the Steel Mill in Belgium in the background.

Following the release of the first look of Vijay’s Varisu film, it was criticized mentioning the use of an image on the Doheny eye institute’s website.


The first look poster of the movie Varisu starring actor Vijay was rumoured to have copied the poster of the Otto advertisement starring actor Dulqar Salman. It is apparent that Vijay’s poster is edited with Dulqar Salman’s head and is misspread.

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