Video of vehicles driven over Indian flag pasted on the road is from Pakistan.


Watch this video from Kerala and forward it worldwide now. There is no use of forwarding after 6 months part -1

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A video clip purportedly showing vehicles riding over the Indian flag pasted on a road with a few people waving flags nearby, is circulated on social media platforms. It is claimed that the video is from Kerala. The viral post in Hindi reads as “केरल के इस वीडियो को देखें और दुनिया भर में अभी फॉरवर्ड करें ” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. The same video was shared earlier with claims that it is from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

What is the truth?

The people seen in the video are waving Pakistan flags when the vehicles are driven over the Indian flag pasted on the road.  We also found a tweet dated 10, March 2020 by a Twitter user named Arif Aajakia carrying the viral video mentioning that it is from Pakistan.

The tweet is captioned “Because my Pakistan Army has no balls to face a professional army in a battlefield, they do these kind of cheap things. Hatred is being pumped up in common Pakistanis.” The thread further mentions “Salute to this man on motor cycle. In 2 minutes’ video, this man is the only one who refused to step on Indian flag, passed besides the flag”, posting a screen grab from the video.

We found a shop named ‘Sanam Boutique’  in the viral video. When searching for ‘Sanam Boutique Pakistan’ we found a shop listed on the Pakistan Business List website with the matching logo as seen in the viral video. The site also mentioned that the shop is in Pakistan’s Karachi.

We searched for ‘Sanam Boutique, Karachi, Pakistan’ and found a 360-degree view of its location. We found a couple of similarities between the image and the viral video. The shop named Sanam Boutique, the nearby building, and another building on the same street found in the image from Google are seen in the viral video.

In addition to it, the auto rickshaws seen in the viral video are different from what is seen in Kerala. Earlier the same video was shared with the claim that it is from Tamil Nadu. Neither Tamil Nadu nor Kerala has this colour auto-rickshaw. When searching for auto rickshaws in Karachi we found an image of an auto rickshaw similar to that seen in the viral video.

We could not ascertain when the video was taken. However, we could confirm that the video is not from Kerala or Tamil Nadu but is from Pakistan’s Karachi and is doing the rounds on the internet at least since 2020.


It is found that a video of vehicles driven over the Indian flag pasted to the road in Pakistan’s Karachi is shared to claim that it happened in India’s Kerala.

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