Video claimed to show a Muslim girl immersed in water for 6 days as fertility treatment is scripted.


You will get angry on them but they will not get angry. “Pir Baba” of Jhar Phuk said, “Keep the girl immersed in water” for 12 days, then a child will be born… Her mother-in-law and husband forcibly tied her hands and feet and drowned her in water for a total of 6 days

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In the 2-minute 20-second viral video shared by the user namely “Sudhanshu Trivedi,” we were able to see two youths talking with a group of men asking what happened and they replied saying that by immersing the girl in the water she could have a baby. Now it’s already a week has passed and two more days to go.

The two young men go near a small dirty water pool where they witness a girl tied to both her hands and legs made to lie down inside the water with her head facing the sky. The two men go near her and ask who did this and untie her ropes and bring her out of the dirty water. While they were doing this, we saw an elderly woman wearing a pink salwar suddenly appear and create a scene by shouting and telling them not to bring the girl out of the water.

This viral clip is shared by many users with similar claims which can be seen here and here. Some users even went on with a communal claim stating, “Look how the Muslims illtreat and torture their women.” Come let’s check the truth behind all these viral claims.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the relevant keywords and Google reverse image process of the keyframes, we were automatically directed towards the YouTube channel namely “Ankur Jatuskaran”which has a huge number of 1.54M subscribers.

While watching the viral video which was in a lengthier version of around 10 minutes and 57 seconds we noticed that small portions of this video are shared on social media with false narratives. One thing which caught our eye is around the 29-31 second time mark we were able to see a ‘Disclaimer’ which states that, the content made in this video should be considered for entertainment purposes only. This clearly proves that the video is scripted and enacted by all the persons according to the content creator. Moreover, the video was uploaded early in the year on 31 March 2023.

When we surfed through the description box of the YouTube we came to know that, the creator Ankur Sharma also has a Facebook page in the same name where he calls himself a video creator. This Facebook page has a whooping 1M followers. And the interesting fact is this same viral video was uploaded here on 16 December 2022 with the title “Save this sister”.

Both his YouTube and Facebook page has many more scripted videos with the same disclaimer saying all the videos are only for entertainment purposes.

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Scripted video of Hindu-Muslim social experiment is making rounds on the internet with false narratives.


Therefore, we conclude that there is no communal angle to the above viral video and most importantly nobody is ill-treated during the making of this video. Moreover, this is a scripted video where all the participants have enacted their roles according to the content creator. Thus, the above video is circulated with false and misleading claims.

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