A lady refusing to leave driver’s seat in the bus is from a short comedy video

Video clip from a short comedy film is mistaken as a real incident


A lady and her bahu got into a crowded bus. Lady gets a seat. The bahu sees the driver’s seat vacant and occupies it. When the driver comes and asks the bahu to vacate his seat see what she says!!

And we wonder how Modi ji wins elections.

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A 2:20-minute footage purportedly showing a woman taking the driver’s seat in a bus and refusing to leave the seat later when the driver arrives is shared mentioning that this happens only in India, and some posts mention that how Modi wins the elections is a wonder. The posts also mention that the woman along with her mother-in-law enters the bus and occupies the driver’s seat and asked the driver to take some other seat and operate the bus. Some of the posts with the viral video can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video and searching with relevant keywords we found that the viral video clip is not a real incident but a short comedy video.

The full-length version of the viral video is found on ‘AAI JI’ Youtube channel with the title “गांव की लुगाईमचायो शहर में रोलोव !! marwadi lugai bus mai || Marwadi Comedy best comedy 2020”  dated 29, July 2020. The description part reads “गांव की लुगाई मचायो शहर में रोलोव !! Hema Prajapat || Marwadi Comedy”. Hashtags ‘Marwadi Comedy’ and ‘Rajasthani’ can also be seen in the description.

The same video of 6:42 minutes in length is also found posted on 30, October 2020 by a Facebook user Shiya Jangid. The video is captioned “गांव की लुगाई मचायो शहर,,,| |” Hema Prajapat is identified as an artist who is seen in many comedy short videos.

A similar short clip of Hema Prajapati in another bus comedy video is found posted on ‘HP Music & Films’ Facebook page in September 2020.


It is found that a clip from a comedy short video is shared thinking as a real incident and mentioned as it happens only in India.

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