Is it the video of Peshawar bomb blast in Pakistan?


It’s horrible, look at the fire of today’s blast. #Peshawarblast #Peshawar #Peshawarunderattack #PeshawarAttack

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On 30, January 2023, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a mosque in Peshawar Police Lines, Pakistan. This bomb blast killed more than 100 people and left several injured. A video clip of a fire blast is shared on social media platforms claiming that it is from the recent Peshawar blast. Hashtags with the name Peshawar can be seen in such posts. Posts with the viral video can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching the viral video screen-grab with Google lens, we found that the video is not from the Peshawar bomb blast but from Lahore. One of the results shows a Facebook post with matching visuals.

The Facebook post dated 21, October 2021 is found carrying the viral video. It is mentioned in the post that 40 workers died in a boiler blast at the Benz factory in Multan road, Lahore.

When searching further with the keywords from the caption of the above Facebook post, the Insider Paper article dated 21, October 2021 is found carrying the image from the viral video. The article says that the Benz Juice factory building in Lahore was engulfed in flames after its boiler exploded. Because of the intensity of the blast, the factory and nearby buildings were severely damaged. This article also shows a video of the boiler blast with matching visuals posted by a Youtube channel.

The Youtube channel of a media outlet ‘Pakistan Ki Awaz’ published this video on 21, October 2021 with the title “Benz Factory Blast | Boiler Blast in Benz Factory Multan Road Lahore | Pakistan Ki Awaz”.


It is found from our search that the video of the 2021 boiler blast in the Benz juice factory in Lahore is falsely shared as a video clip from Peshawar bomb blast.

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