Video from MP’s Ujjain falsely linked to Haryana violence.


IZALAMISTS Mob dragged Hindu and lynched him. This is Gurgam India


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A video showing a person being dragged and lynched by a mob is shared to claim that Islamists mob dragged Hindu and lynched him in Gurugram. This video is shared in relation with Haryana violence. Multiple videos are shared in the name of Haryana violence.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral videos we found that the video is unrelated to the ongoing Nuh violence. The video showing a person being dragged and lynched by a mob took place in Madhya Pradesh and is related to a female Muslim doctor molestation incident in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Twitter Link/ Archive Link

The matching visuals from the viral video are found on a video tweeted by Peoples Samachar, Hindi Daily Newspaper in Madhya Pradesh, with the caption roughly translated as “Ujjain: During the discussion on the molestation case with a Muslim girl, a young man commented on #महाकाल_सवारी , as soon as the video went viral, people from the other side also gathered in the SP office. Police registered a case, the youth apologized; View VIDEO”. The tweet was posted on 30, July 2023.

On 28, July 2023, a female physiotherapist, Zareen was allegedly molested and thrashed by two men in Ujjain.The viral video is related to this incident.

In addition to it, Vishva Hindu Parishad procession was held on Monday (31, July 2023) after which violent clashes erupted in Gurugram and Nuh in Haryana. The viral video claimed to be from Gurugram is seen posted on Twitter at least since July 30.

Conclusion :

It is found that a video from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain is falsely linked to Haryana violence.

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