No, the video doesn’t show Cyclone Michaung rather it depicts Cyclone Mocha


After a massive earthquake shook # Philippines, now a warning of a cyclone is issued for southern states of India. Looks like nature’s reckoning is onto something. #CycloneMichaung EarthquakePH Tsunami

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Cyclone Michaung, a powerful storm that made landfall a day before, has put Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on high alert. Both states have experienced intense rain and thunderstorms. In Chennai, incidents related to rain claimed more than 15 lives.

In this case, many videos are circulating on the internet linking it with the floods and cyclone Michaung. The 20-second clip shows a flooded street with some items being washed away by the muddy rainwater. Along with the constant rain, we can also see the strong winds that tremble the objects on the terraces of the houses. The user claims it as the situation from the cyclone Michaung. One such similar claim can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

Upon examining each keyframe in the widely shared video, we discovered that it dates back to the beginning of May 2023. Furthermore, this is unrelated to the recent cyclone Michaung that occurred in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and originates from the deadly cyclone Mocha that occurred in Myanmar.

While searching we got a YouTube video uploaded by the ‘Guardian News’ titled Cyclone Mocha: deadly storm wreaks havoc in Myanmar” on 14 May 2023.

The same red object that washes out in the rainy water in the viral footage can be seen again at 39 seconds in this original video. This reaffirms that the viral clip was taken from this video and circulated with false narratives.

According to the description box of the video, ‘Thousands of people were evacuated to monasteries, pagodas, and schools in Myanmar, seeking shelter from a powerful storm that tore the roofs off buildings and killed several people. They have also added that ‘Cyclone Mocha made landfall near Sittwe township in Rakhine state on Sunday with wind speeds of up to 130 mph (209 km/h), the country’s meteorological department said.’

This confirms that the video shared was from cyclone Mocha, which hit Myanmar early in May, and not from cyclone Michaung.


As a result, we conclude that the widely circulated assertion that the video depicts the cyclone in India’s southern states is untrue. The video is actually from May 2023, when Cyclone Mocha hit Myanmar.

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