Video of a boy from Kerala sobbing on a bus is being shared with inaccurate background information.


Condition of Hindus in Kerala. They didn’t even spare a kid. #sabrimala

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The Congress and the BJP are using the chaos at Sabarimala caused by the enormous influx of pilgrims over the past few days to blame the CPM-led Left Democratic Front government for crowd management mishaps, which is turning into a political dispute in Kerala. In this case, a heartbreaking video of a young child sobbing and screaming is making the rounds on the internet.

The 38-second video shows a small boy crying aloud from inside a bus. The child is seen bawling and folding his hands before the police repeatedly. This video is shared with a claim that it is the condition of Hindus in Kerala that they didn’t even spare a kid. You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

According to news reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of devotees visiting the Sabarimala temple near Pathanamthitta in Kerala over the last five days.

According to the article by Kerala Kaumudi, “Pilgrims were stranded after officials stopped permitting vehicles into Sabarimala on Monday, resulting in many getting stranded in the middle of the jungle. Many people have to wait for up to ten hours sitting idle in the bus in the scorching heat.”

In this case, we discovered that the viral video is shared with misleading context after carefully examining its keyframes.

According to the reports of Asianet Newsable, “A video of a child crying who had lost his way in Sabarimala has surfaced. The footage shows that the child is searching for his father, who was lost in the crowd at Nilakkal. The child, who was screaming in front of the police with folded hands, finally waved his hands when he saw his father.”

Further search revealed that the video was also posted by Asianet Newsable on their YouTube page under the title “Sabarimala rush: Heart-wrenching video of crying child seeking help to find his father emerges.” The same has also been reported by Asianet Newsable on their X handle.

Due to the extremely crowded conditions at Sabarimala, on December 11, KSRTC began offering special bus services from Kattakada in Kerala.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the boy is in a Kerala government bus in the now-viral video, some people are disseminating fake information that he is being taken away in a police car. We have attached the Kerala bus logo for the reader’s reference.

All of this information makes it clear that the erroneous context of the video is being circulated online. The young one was so scared when he could no longer see his father in the crowd. Sobbing in shock in front of the police, he begged them to search for his father. Later on, the father and son are reunited.


We, therefore, conclude that the right-wing is misrepresenting the viral video of the kid as the “condition of Hindus in Kerala” in order to create communal disharmony among the people. The father and the boy were later reunited.

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