Video of a girl claiming her house was demolished is from Delhi & has no connection to Haryana demolition drive.


A poor #Muslim girl from #Nuh, #Haryana talking about his pain after her house demolished by authorities. #HaryanaViolence


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The viral tweet shared widely on social media states that a poor Muslim girl from Nuh, Haryana is talking about her pain after her house gets demolished by authorities. It is visible that someone is asking her, “Are you studying? What do you want to become?”, For this, the girl says that she wants to become a doctor. Then the person holding the mic is asking, “Are you studying biology in Grade 11?” Then he further asks her, “As now your house is shattered, what will you do?”. For that, she replied, “It means my future is demolished and we can’t afford a new house, since my parents don’t earn much. I was on a footpath previously but now that also got bulldozed. I had a roti with dhal and a chai, that’s all. All my books were inside the house, now everything is gone”.

This video was shared with a message stating that a poor girl lost her house in Nuh, Haryana in the ongoing violence. Some users even made comparisons of this girl with a girl from Tamil Nadu, both aspiring to become doctors and they even said that it is the difference between the two states in a video which can be seen here.


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What’s the truth?

When we started our research with the viral video we stumbled upon the YouTube channel namely, “The Lallantop” which has a detailed version of an 11-minute 5-second long video with the same girl. While we watched the video further, around the mark of 1-minute and 7-second we were able to hear the reporter saying that, the camp was located in Vasant Vihar, around four kilometres from Jawahar Lal Nehru University. He also added that there were many families earlier, which were demolished completely now.

The video is uploaded in the channel with a description saying that “In the early hours of 16th June, authorities demolished the makeshift homes of several families residing in the Priyanka Gandhi camp near Vasant Kunj, leading to their displacement. The camp had been a source of shelter for over 500 people for almost a decade. Despite the Delhi High Court’s previous denial of a stay on the demolition exercise, the Delhi Urban Slum Improvement Board (DUSIB) proceeded with the action. The land that was previously occupied by the camp has now been allocated to the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)”.

Meanwhile, the Punjab and Haryana high court has halted the ongoing demolition drive by issuing a stay order on August 7. This came after the recent communal clashes in the Nuh, area. The High Court also asked if the move was an “exercise of ethnic cleansing” and issued a notice of motion to the state government according to the Mint report.

Now, it’s clearly evident that, while the demolition drive was happening in Haryana and parallelly this viral video of the girl saying her houses got demolished with similar claims as happened in the Nuh, area which circulated, made things more confusing and misleading all at the same time among the social media users.

Thus, we were able to identify with the available evidence that, the video is from June 2023, which is a month old and is falsely linked to the ongoing violence in Nuh, Haryana.


So, the above viral video of a girl claiming her house is demolished in June 2023 has no connection to the demolition drive that happened in Haryana as it is from Delhi.

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