Video of a Hindu man in burqa to enjoy free bus ride in Karnataka is shared with false claim.


Muslim man dons burqa to enjoy free ride on Karnataka bus

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An 18-second video of a man in a burqa being caught by the police is shared with the claim that he is a Muslim man. The posts mention that the Muslim man is seen wearing a burqa to enjoy a free ride on the Karnataka bus.

What is the truth?

The Karnataka government led by Congress launched the Shakti scheme for women. The main objective behind launching Shakti Scheme is to empower women financially by providing them with free of cost bus service, stated the Government Schemes website. When searching with keywords to know if any man is caught wearing a burqa to avoid bus fare by using the Shakti scheme, we found the Ahmedabad Mirror Facebook page posting the video with the caption “Man wears burqa to get free bus ride”.

With further search, the ETV Bharat article is found reporting the incident with matching visuals from the viral video. The incident is said to have taken place at the Sanshi bus stand in Kundagola taluk of Dharwad district. The matter came to light when the passengers and villagers sitting at the bus stop of the village raised suspicion of the person wearing a burqa.

The article further states “People complained about this to the police. The police reached the spot and got the man’s burqa removed. The name of the accused is Veerbhadraya Ningaya Mathapati, who is a resident of Vijaypur district. He told that he came for begging. A copy of the woman’s Aadhaar card was found with Veerabhadraiah. The public handed over the accused to the police.”

The Hindustan Post Youtube channel published a video on the incident with the title ‘People caught a Hindu man wearing burqa’. The description part mentions the name of the person as Veerabhadraiya Mathapati.

With further search, the ABP Live article confirmed the identity of the person seen in the viral video. “The name of the person is being told as Veerabhadraiah Mathapati, who wore a burqa to avoid tickets due to free bus travel under the Karnataka government’s Shakti scheme”, the article reported.


It is found that a video of people catching a Hindu man wearing a burqa to enjoy a free bus ride in Karnataka is deliberately shared with false communal spin.

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