Video of a toddler breastfeeding a baby is not from the rubbles of Turkey earthquake.

Old video is claimed to be taken after the recent earthquake in Turkey.


Tears came to my eyes after watching this video Ya Allah have mercy….. #Turkey

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Turkey and Syria experienced devastating earthquakes during the first week of February following which several videos and images started circulating on the internet in the name of Turkey earthquake. One such video of a girl soothing a crying kid by pretending to breastfeed the baby is shared with the claim that the older one is pretending to breastfeed the younger one to pacify the baby in the absence of their mother during the earthquake that occurred in Turkey. Posts with similar claims can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

Some of the viral videos contain a TikTok watermark of the id ‘anelya.495’. When searching with the name, we found several videos listed as a result and found that the video is not related to the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria.

The viral video is found uploaded on the ‘anelya.495’ TikTok account in November 2022 with a caption in the Russian language ‘#дети смехюмор’ which is translated as ‘#children laughing’ or ‘#children humour’.

The TikTok account also has multiple other videos of the same kid uploaded on different dates.

Though we could not ascertain the whereabouts of the viral video, we found that the video is old and not related to the earthquake that occurred in Turkey recently.

Youturn fact-checked and published articles on multiple old and unrelated videos and images shared earlier in the name of the Turkey and Syria earthquake.

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Was this video taken moments before earthquake in Turkey ?

Does the video show strange behaviour of birds before the earthquake in Turkey?


It is found from our search that the video is old and not related to the earthquake that occurred in Turkey or Syria as claimed.

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