Video of a man stripped naked in public shared with false communal spin


A Muslim youth molested a Hindu woman in the market

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A video of a man being stripped by a group of people in the public is shared on Twitter with the claim that a Muslim man is punished for molesting a Hindu woman in the market. This video was once viral in 2020 with a claim that a Muslim man from a peace-loving community is being punished for trying to sexually harass a 5-year-old girl in Ambala, Haryana. Posts with such claims can be seen here and here

Mukesh Kumar, Journalist, Sudarshan News tweeted the video mentioning the accused’s name as Shahrukh and deleted it later.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video it is found that the posts are falsely shared with communal spin. The Times of India reported the incident on 20, January 2020 with the title ‘Ambala: Eve-teaser paraded naked, thrashed by relatives of minor girls’. The name of the eve teaser is mentioned as Pawan alias Sonu.

A Youtube channel Aakhir Kyou uploaded the viral video on 20, January 2020 mentioning that the accused was booked by cops under POSCO Act and credited TOI in the description.

According to Maharashtra Times, the eve teaser Pawan alias Sonu was thrashed by family members of three minor girls and the locals for harassing one of the girls. He also had been making obscene comments and gestures regularly when they go to school.

There were several instances where the accused is falsely mentioned as Muslim to spread hatred. Youturn fact-checked a few of the videos with such false claims and published articles on them.

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It is found that an old video is falsely shared as a Muslim man was punished for molesting a Hindu woman. Though the incident is true it is found that the accused is not a Muslim but a Hindu.

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