Video of a man walking on water is Magician’s trick.


The moment a man walked on water.

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A 1:56-minute video clip purportedly showing a man walking on the water in a swimming pool is widely shared to claim that the video is of a man really walking on the water’s surface. The same video clip is circulated with a similar claim on Twitter.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral image it is found that the man in the video is a magician and walking on the water is his trick and not a real incident.

The video is found posted on an Instagram page named Julius Dein on 25, May 2021 with the caption “walking on water cos yolo”. The bio part of his profile reads ‘Artist’ along with the sentence “riding a magic wave”. Magician’s hat emoji is also seen in his Instagram bio.

The same video of 3:43-minute length is also found uploaded on his YouTube channel on 25, May 2021 with the caption “Magician walks on water”. The video shows Julius Dein walking on water and others swimming under him to portray that there is nothing placed under for him to walk on.

The same video clip is also uploaded on Julius Dein’s Youtube channel two weeks back and after which the video went viral. The description part of the video mentioned that Julius Dein, a 27-year-old Magician from London uses magic to walk on water over a 1000$ challenge with his friends. It further mentions that he performed a magic trick that defied all logic and reason.

A Youtube channel named ‘Magic Secrets Unrevealed’ uploaded a video on 22, January 2016 about the trick used by Magicians to walk on water. This channel has multiple other videos revealing other magics performed by magicians. At the 1:31-minute timestamp of this video, when the masked person is walking on the water’s surface, another person can be seen swimming under him.

Further, the video shows secret transparent glasses placed under the water making a path for the masked person to walk on it. Another clip of a woman lying on the water surface (on the glass placed below) is also shown as a demonstration.

We could not ascertain that the magician in the viral video used the same trick but we could confirm that he has used an unbelievable magic trick as mentioned in his Youtube video and did not walk on the water’s surface with nothing under him.


It is found that the video claimed as a man walking on water is nothing but a magician’s trick.

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