Video of a naked person chasing police is from UP, not Manipur.


This is the situation in Manipur.  What a terrible tragedy.  The scene of a woman chasing the police naked on the roads. What is happening to our India !?

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Manipur is facing violent clashes and riots against the provision of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to non-tribal Meeitei or Meitei community, while 34 recognized tribal communities are living there. Meanwhile, a video of a person chasing the police and threatening to beat them with a stick is circulated with the claim that it is the situation in Manipur. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for ‘Sonu Kinnar’ as heard in the viral video, we found a tweet dated 16, May 2023 by Jitendra Verma Jeetu (Patel) carrying matching visuals from the viral video. His Twitter bio mentions him as the National Spokesperson of the Samajwadi Party, Lucknow.

The video is captioned “Sonu Kinnar had won the election in Municipal Council Mughalsarai of district Chandauli by 834 votes, yet the administration declared BJP candidate Malti Devi as the winner by 138 votes. Eunuchs got re-counting done in their own way, in which Sonu Kinnar won again by 440 votes.” The tweet also has another video showing a brawl between transgenders and policemen.

The Twitter page of UP Tak posted the video with the caption in Hindi translated as “Chandauli: In the municipal elections, a candidate named Sonu Kinnar surprised everyone by winning the election. However, on May 13, during the counting of votes, a video has surfaced in which the people of Kinnar community are seen creating ruckus naked. In fact, a dispute had arisen over the demand for recounting by the BJP candidate.” The UP Tak also published a news video reporting the incident on its Youtube channel.

Nav Bharat Times reported the incident with the title “Clash between police and eunuchs during vote counting in UP’s Chandauli district, ruckus by taking off clothes.”

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It is found that a video from Uttar Pradesh during municipal elections in May 2023 is falsely shared as it is from Manipur.

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