Video of a Pakistan teacher-student duo is shared as his daughter justifies being his wife.



Daughter justifying being the 4th wife of her father




A video was shared as the daughter giving justification for being a fourth wife of her father, which has sparked outrage on social media, but it was the false claim. She was not his daughter but his student.

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What is the truth?

As the video shared by several users with the caption “the daughter provides justification for marrying her father” in an interview conducted by Zen TV vlog channel which was mentioned in the claim.

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In search of this video with a cue mentioned, Zen TV is identified as a Pakistan-based youtube channel called Zen TV Vlog.

With further clues from the youtube channel, it is identified as the couple belonging to Pakistan, where the couple was already in the spotlight due to one of the viral TikTok videos.

And they had an interview with Moin Zubair, a Pakistani reporter, which came as the News in Daily Pakistan dated 25 May 2021 with the headline that “I’m Khan and I’m not Mufti” as the person named Amir Khan was yelled as Pakistani Mufti.

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In search of the name #Mufti Lahori, there sprang up several interviews about Mufti Taqi Lahori and Rabiya Amir from various channels.

In one of the social media reports, we found a Pakistan-based observer with a headline dated May 29, 2021 “Yes, I picked my student as my fourth wife, but I am not a Mufti, says the man in the viral video”. This shows that Amir Khan didn’t marry his own daughter but he married his student named Rabiya Liaquat as Fourth wife.

Precised content from the report of a Pakistani-based observer, Amir Khan confessed that he married his student named Rabiya Liaquat as his fourth wife, he divorced three other wives and mentioned that he is not mufti but an islamic student. “I know who a Mufti is and I have ultimate respect for Muftis(MuslimLegal Expert) and Aalims(Scholar). I’m on the track to become an Aalim and there’s a long way to go to become a Mufti” quoted AmirKhan. And apparently, the video featuring Khan and Rabiya went viral in Pakistan but the couple hails in the United States. In order to create negative propaganda about him and his family by someone close to him, made to believe that he was a popular Mufti.

With further addition, Rabiya holds an Instagram account named ‘Rabiya Amir’ and belongs to Lahore, Pakistan. And she also runs a YouTube channel named Rabi Tasty Food & vlog where cooking and interviews given by couple can be seen.

Further pinpoint regarding this issue is that the couple belongs to Pakistan and not India and is in no way related to UCC, which is an ongoing issue in India.

Rabiya – The Fourth

The name Rabiya means fourth in Arabic. It is a common custom among many people in Pakistan to name their fourth daughter as Rabiya. There is also a religious significance for naming the fourth child as Rabiya, as a tribute to the Sufi saint and poet from early 8th century who was also named as Rabia’a al-‘Adawiyya al-Quassiya (Rabia of Basra) who herself was a fourth child.

What’s in the viral video?

In the interview by Zen Tv, the woman states that her name is “Rabiya” which means fourth but she is only the second daughter. When the interviewer questions about the anomaly in the name, she responds that she had married a man to whom she’s the fourth wife. But nowhere in the video does the woman say that her husband, Amir Khan, is also her father whom she married.


Here, from the above information, the video regarding the justification of a daughter marrying her father is false and she is the student of the person, Amir Khan, to whom she was married, moreover, they belong to Pakistan not India. Therefore, it is a misleading claim.


The article is updated to add more information on ‘Rabiya’.

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