Video of a young boy injecting colour and sweetener into watermelons is scripted!


Severely punish the mafia behind this. This is really scary

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A 7-minute, 30-second video is purportedly on X (formerly Twitter) that a person injecting artificial colour in a water melon got exposed by the police. This young watermelons seller is seen injecting chemicals into the watermelons, such as food coloring and sweeteners using a syringe. 

As the police person yelled at him and asked him to show all the chemicals the watermelon seller had with him, he replied, “My boss said to sell like this, instead of arresting me, arrest my boss. I’m illiterate and poor, and I don’t know what to do for money, so please leave me.”

The police asked the seller to show the full process of how he added artificial colors and sweeteners. He showed that for every single watermelon, he injected 10 mL of color and sweetener. 

The same viral video was widely shared and can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth? 

We ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found the same video posted on the ‘The Social Junction’ YouTube page on April 29, 2024. In the original full video, at the timestamp of 28 seconds, it’s mentioned that it’s a social awareness video and all characters are fictional. 

This YouTube channel has uploaded many entertaining and social experiment videos. According to this, we find out that the video of chemical being injected into watermelons is a scripted social awareness video, not real. 

However, the practice of injecting artificial colours into watermelons is happening at some places to make the fruit appear ripe and attractive. It is necessary to check if the fruits are adulterated before consuming it.


A video showing young boy injecting artificial color and sweetener into the watermelons is a well-planned social awareness video, not real

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