A video from Punjab falsely shared as the killers are Bajrang Dal members


This video is being told near Sonepat and the killers are being told of Bajrang Dal. It’s a gruesome scene. Why doesn’t someone catch and take action? At least verify the location. Wherever it is happening in broad daylight, there is a stigma on law and order.

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A video of a man being brutally attacked by a group of people is shared by a Twitter account with the user name ‘Anuma Vidisha’ asking to verify the video as it was told that the video is from Sonepat and the killers belong to Bajrang Dal. This video has gained 150k views and thousands of likes and retweets.

The video is captioned in Hindi as “ये वीडियो सोनीपत के पास का बताया जा रहा है और मारने वाले बजरंग दल के बतायेजा रहे हैं. वीभत्स दृश्य है. कोई पकड़ कर कार्यवाही क्यों नहीं करता? At least verify the location. जहाँ भी दिन दहाड़े हो रहा है, क़ानून व्यवस्था पर कलंक है.”

What is the truth?

This viral video was earlier spread with various claims and Youturn fact-checked and published an article on the same on 5, March 2023.

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The ABP article dated 20, February 2023 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video mentioning it as an incident that happened in the Sangrur district of Punjab. The article reported that “It should be said that a woman’s name is also included in the attackers. In this regard, the police have registered a case against Mani Singh, Kuldeep Singh alias Badi, Lavi Singh, Gopal Singh, Amrik Singh and Malkeet Kaur under several serious sections including intent-to-murder.” No mention of Bajrang Dal is found in the report.

A Free Press Journal article dated 20, February 2023 is found carrying a tweet of the viral video in which the video is said to have happened in Punjab. The article says that Sonu Kumar was attacked with iron rods by six members out of enmity.

The same video was earlier spread with a different claim which was debunked by Bulandshahr Police on 25, February 2023.

Many Twitter users commented on the viral post that the claim is fake and that it belongs to Punjab and is not related to Bajrang Dal members. However, the post is not removed from the page yet.


It is found that the video of a person being brutally attacked by a group of men from Punjab is falsely shared that the accused belonged to Bajrang Dal and that the incident happened near Sonepat, Haryana.

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