Video of Dalit man’s attack in UP’s Meerut is shared with false caste angle


A Dalit youth Lakhan’s Hand and feet tied to the tree and his face was blackened and then made bald in front of the crowd in Meerut Uttar Pradesh. During this, a garland of shoes and slippers was also put around his neck.

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A video clip is shared on social media in which a young man is seen tied to a tree and his head is shaved by another man when a group of people surrounds and watch it. The crowd further goes on to wear a garland of shoes and slippers to the young man. This video is shared with a claim that a Dalit youth Cobbler Lakhan, a shoe polisher in UP’s Meerut was thrashed. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

To one of the viral posts, the Meerut Police Twitter page replied on 27, March 2023 that necessary legal action is being taken by the station in charge of Brahmapuri concerning the said case.

Amar Ujala article reported that the young man’s face was blackened and made bald and he was made to wear a garland of shoes and slippers. Lakhan, a resident of Tatnagar police station, Rajasthan, has been living in the Brahmapuri police station area with his brother-in-law for a long time. The victim alleges that his neighbors Sonu, Ravi and Ajay have enmity with his sister and brother-in-law before this incident.

Meerut Police Twitter page replied to a statement to one of the tweets related to the viral video on 30, March 2023. The statement titled “About the incident that took place in the area under the police station Brahmapuri” mentions that the two parties in the issue are distant relatives and residents of the same place under the Thana Brahmapuri area.

The statement further states that one party was accused of molestation by another party. Four people have been arrested and sent to jail after registering a case at Brahmapuri police station.


It is found that a video of shaving a young man’s head and wearing him garland of shoes and slippers due to an issue between distant relatives is shared with a false caste angle.

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