Video of displaying photo of a person violating Chennai traffic rules is digitally created.


If you break the traffic rule in Chennai your face will be projected with the fine. Great innovation. Ideas Delhi? There are many rogue drivers on the roads

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The Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) has installed speed radars at important places to measure the speed of vehicles mentioning that a 40 kmph limit is to be maintained in the daytime and 50 kmph at night. Instant automatic challans are to be issued to motorists exceeding the mentioned speed limit. This is done with the help of speed radars that automatically capture a picture and issue challans.

Meanwhile, a video purportedly showing a photo of a person, vehicle number, rule violated and the fine amount being displayed on a pole similar to a traffic pole on a road is shared widely to claim that the face of the person violating traffic rule in Chennai is being projected on a display, along with a question when will Delhi do it. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found that it is a VFX video and not real. The search resulted in a few links to the posts including Instagram and Twitter.

An Instagram post dated 20, May 2022 by a user named ‘Rigged Indian’ is found with the viral video with the caption “Red signal tracker in Chennai, if this comes then we can have a great traffic system. This is a VFX video, not real” and hashtags including ‘blendervfx’.


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When searching his profile, we found the bio mentioning the user as ‘VFX Artists/Animators’. And the Instagram page is filled with multiple VFX videos.

The same viral video is found pinned on June 8 by the same Instagram user mentioning that it is a concept video created using CGI. The video is created based on the concept of ‘signal tracker in Chennai to avoid traffic rules violations’.


It is found that a concept video displaying the photo of the person violating traffic rules in Chennai, created using digital effects VFX, CGI is shared as real.

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