Video of donation money from Bangladesh’s Mosque is shared as Indian Mosque.


How much money comes in mosques, There is no tax on this money. Only temple money is taxed. Government gives salary and pension to clerics from the money of temples, The donation given in the mosque is used in Jihad against the Hindus. Hindu is living in casteism with closed eyes.

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A video showing a set of people transferring money from a large box to sacks, transporting them to another place where it gets counted by a set of people including kids is viral with the context that it is from India mentioning that no tax is applicable for the money collected in Mosques whereas temple money is taxed. It further mentions that the donation collected in Mosques are being used against Hindus in Jihad. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

The viral posts in Hindi are captioned as “देखिये, मस्जिदों मे कीतना पैसा आता है, इस पैसे पर टॅक्स नही है, सिर्फ मंदिरके पैसों पे टॅक्स लगता है, मंदिरों के पैसों से मौलवीयों को वेतन और पेंशन देती है सरकार,मस्जिद मे दिया हुआ दान हिंदुओ के विरुद्धजेहाद में प्रयोग होता है, हिंदू आँख बंद किये जातीयवाद मे जी रहा है

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is not from India but Bangladesh.

The viral video is found uploaded on the ‘Jago News’ YouTube page on May 6, 2023. A translation of the title in Bengali reads “A record 5.5 million taka was found in the donation box of Pagla mosque”. And the link to the news related to the viral video is also given in the video description.

The Jagonews24 report mentioned the location as ‘Pagla Masjid in Bangladesh’s Kishoreganj’. 8 donation boxes were opened after four months on the 6th of May in Pagla mosque in Bangladesh. Around 200 people counted the money for 13 hours after which it was found that there was 5 crore 59 lakh 7 thousand 689 Bangladeshi Taka.

Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad, deputy commissioner of Kishoreganj and chairman of the Pagla Masjid management committee, inspected the money-counting process. He also said that the money received through donations will be spent on various social welfare works in association with mosques, madrasas and orphanages in the district.

He also announced plans to build an Islamic complex of international standards on the premises of the mosque with the donation money received. A news article on the website ‘Kalerkantho‘ is also found reporting the same.

This article is originally published in Tamil by Youturn on 8, June 2023.


It is found that a video of donation money received in Bangladesh’s Pagla Mosque is shared with the context that the video is from Indian Mosque.

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