No, the viral video doesn’t show the father and daughter from Palestine rather they are from Syria


A #Palestinian father tells his daughter to laugh every time she hears an Israeli airstrike so that she doesn’t get scared.

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The viral 20-second video shows a father and daughter having a conversation and the little girl laughs high when she hears the sound of the bombs.

This video clip is shared with the claim stating that the Palestine father tells his daughter to laugh when she hears the Israeli airstrike and doesn’t get scared. This same post is shared by many social media users amid the Israel- Palestine war with similar claims can be viewed here, here, and here. Come, lets’ check this heartbreaking claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the keyframes of the viral video, we found that the circulating clip is old and misleading. Yes, we got the same video in a longer version uploaded by the official X account of Reuters. According to the X post, the father and daughter belong to Syria and not from Palestine as claimed by the social media users. Also the video is from 2020 Syria war and has no connection to the ongoing Israel-Palestine war.

We also got another video uploaded in the YouTube by the ‘AFP News Agency’ on 19 February 2020 titled as “Syrian father and three-year-old daughter laugh off the shelling | AFP.”

Here we see the same father and daughter duo laughing as they hear the sounds of bombs. According to the description box of the video, ‘In Syria’s Idlib, there’s no escaping the war, so Abdullah al-Mohammed says the only way he found to reassure his daughter Salwa was to turn the shelling into a game. A video in which the three-year-old laughs every time an explosion goes off went viral on social media in recent days as a heartening but grim reminder of Idlib residents’ daily lives.’

This same video went viral that time and was also shared by the ‘South China Morning Post’ in their YouTube channel on 20 February 2020 captioned as “Syria war: father and daughter living in battle zone turn sound of bombs into a game.”

All the above evidence cleary proves that the circulating video is old and from Syria and not from Palestine.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral clip is old and from 2020 Syria war and its not related in any way to the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

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