Video of fish swimming in supermarket is actually from Georgia, not Chennai.


Chennai flood in supermarket

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Cyclone Michaung hit Chennai in the first week of December 2023 bringing relentless rain on 3rd, 4th and 5th of December. The heavy rains caused flooding of many areas in the city. The flooding has resulted in a tragedy as normal life has not returned in many inundated areas even after several days. People are still grappling to get even food and water. The situation is comparable to a similar devastating flood that hit the city in 2015. The city has witnessed a haunting replay of floods highlighting the enduring impact of nature’s fury.

Meanwhile, a viral video is purported to be from one of the supermarkets in Chennai that was flooded. In the video, we can see the supermarket floor with lot of water in which the fish are swimming around. A similar claim can be seen here and here as well.

What is the truth?  

We ran a reverse image search using the keyframes of the video and found that the incident actually happened 5 years ago in Georgia. According to a Daily Mail Online article pulished on 12 February 2018, an aquarium tank shattered in a supermarket in Georgia leaving dozens of fish wriggling helplessly around the floor.

The same viral video also was posted on YouTube in a channel named Viral Hog on 02 February 2018. The captions of the video read “At shopping time, suddenly the aquarium broke. All fishes were on the floor. Working personnel were trying to save the fish.”

So according to the Daily Mail Online news report and the Viral Hog YouTube video, we can ascertain that the video is originally from 5 years ago in Georgia. It has no relevance to the floods in Chennai in 2023 and it has been shared on social media with false claims.


The viral video is 5 years old and it is from Georgia. It has been shared with false claims that it was taken in Chennai during the 2023 floods.

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