An old video of a freight train carrying JCBs is erroneously linked to the Rajasthan election.


Baba ka bulldozer going to Rajasthan.

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With 115 seats overall, the BJP defeated the Congress government in the Rajasthan state elections, where Congress was only able to win 69. The BJP is about to announce Rajasthan’s next chief minister as of this writing.

Meanwhile, a video of a freight train transporting JCBs has gone viral on social media in the wake of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory in the Rajasthan Assembly elections. Overlaying the video is text that says, “Train from UP to Rajasthan.” The shared viral video also has the title “Baba ka Bulldozer going to Rajasthan” along with “ Jay Shree Ram”. You can see related posts with similar claims here and here.

What’s the truth?

After conducting a reverse image search using the keyframes of the viral video, we discovered a longer version of it posted on November 26, 2021, on the “GopiRailworld” YouTube channel. Around the three-minute 15-second mark, the visuals from the viral video appear.

The video is titled, “Two Trains OVERTAKES BOMN Rake Freight Train | JCB’s on Train | WAP-7 Superb Acceleration | I R.”

The description of the video states “Rare spotting of JCB’s on BOMN Train. And Two Express Trains Overtakes BOMN Freight Train.”

While watching the entire video, we noticed some text written at the bottom-left corner of the frame. “WAG-9H 31395 BHILAI with JCB’s on BOMN Train,” the text reads.

Moreover, we observed that the engine’s side bore the word “Bhilai.” To put it simply, Bhilai is a city in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Although we were unable to independently locate additional information such as the video’s context or location, it is evident that the footage is outdated and is being circulated under false claims.

To sum up, all the above information confirms that the viral claim is false because the video predates the 2023 Rajasthan assembly elections, which the BJP won.


Thus we conclude that the shared viral video is predated to 2021, and the information above clarifies that it has nothing to do with the current election results of Rajasthan.

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