Video of Hindu husband beating his wife is shared with false communal spin.


Today she is missing the father whom she came after kicking. A few days back, many people had explained this on Twitter, then they said that you are a Hindu-Muslim hater. Now she is enjoying secularism with her Abdul.

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A video clip of a man brutally attacking a woman is shared to claim that she is beaten up by her Muslim partner Abdul and now she is missing her father, relating the incident to ‘love jihad’. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The posts in Hindi read as “जिस पापा को लात मार कर गई थी, आज उस पापा को याद कर रही है। कुछ दिन पहलेइसको  ट्विटर पर बहुत से लोगों ने समझाया था, तो बोली तुम नफरती  हो हिंदू मुस्लिम करते हो अब यह अपने अब्दुल के साथसेक्युलरिज्म इंजॉय कर रही हैं ।।

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found a reply tweet by Etawah Police to one of the posts with the video. The tweet said that an accused was arrested by the Bakwar police in the case related to the viral video.

With further search, the Punjab Kesari article dated 4, June 2023 is found featuring matching visuals from the viral video. It reported that the husband was beating his wife with stick over suspicion. The man assaulting the lady is identified as Shivam from Naharaiya village of the Bakwar police station area. The video is said to be captured by Shivam. Once the video went viral, the victim’s mother Munni Devi filed a complaint against her son-in-law Shivam. She stated in the letter that her daughter was beaten up every day by him and demanded strict action.

India News 28 is found reporting about the incident on 5, June 2023 on its Youtube channel. The video features matching visuals from the viral video. MSS News 24 x 7 Youtube channel uploaded a video on 6, June 2023. This video is found carrying the extended version of the viral video and an interview with the victim who is getting treated in the hospital. The video is titled “Husband (Shivam Yadav) Beats Wife (Jyoti Yadav ) Video Viral, Etawah”

Zee News reported the incident with the title “Uttar Pradesh: Greed for dowry made man a beast, beating his wife like animals!” in Hindi. The article states that the woman’s name is Jyoti and her husband’s name is Shivam. Shivam is beating his wife only because she did not fulfill the demand of dowry, the article stated.

This is not the first time that an unrelated incident is shared with the ‘love jihad’ claim. Youturn fact-checked some of such claims that we came across and published articles on the same. The articles are listed here.


It is found that the viral video is of a Hindu man Shivam Yadav brutally attacking his wife Jyoti Yadav in Uttar Pradesh. The video is falsely shared by adding communal colour to the incident by mentioning the husband’s name as Abdul.

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