No, the woman seen in the viral video is not Anju from Pakistan, she is an Indian Youtuber.


The tweet in Hindi roughly translates to “Anju reached Pakistan from India and is getting a lot of love from both her husband Nasrullah and her father-in-law. Anju is not getting overjoyed, she is sharing love openly.

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The video shared on social media claims that the woman with two men kissing her is Anju who reached Pakistan from India. It further adds that she is getting a lot of love from her husband Nasrullah and his father simultaneously. She is not overjoyed but she feels free to share the love openly. There are more tweets with similar claims which can be viewed here and here.

What is the truth?

When we started our research we checked the comment section of the viral tweet to verify the claim. There we were able to notice some users claimed that the video is from a youtube channel. Some users even mentioned that “This is a YouTube channel Monosama Official, which makes such scripted videos.”

Along with this, the user has also posted a screenshot of that channel in the reply section.

With the help of the above screenshot, we searched some keywords on YouTube. We found a video uploaded on July 26 by a channel called Monosama Official. Part of the viral video can be seen in it.

There are many such videos of the woman seen in the viral video on this channel. Some of these videos feature both the men seen with the woman in the channel.

We also found another video uploaded on this channel on July 26. In this, the woman has said, “My two names are Ratna and Shrabani and my husband’s name is Darpan Ghosh.” She told that she has two Facebook pages named Shrabani Ghosh and Darpan Ghosh. Both of these Facebook pages show as digital creators in their respective bios.

When searching for Anju who reached Pakistan, we found news articles reporting about her. She is a married woman, born in Uttar Pradesh who lived in Rajasthan with her husband and kids. She got in touch with a Pakistani man Nasrullah through Facebook and they bonded well as friends. After this Anju reached Pakistan to meet Nasrullah.

Subsequently, when we compared the pictures of Anju and the woman seen in the viral video, it is perfectly clear that both women are different.


Thus, we conclude that it’s a misleading claim which has been shared about Anju from Rajasthan who had gone to meet her friend in Pakistan. The woman seen in the viral video is not Anju but a Youtuber Shrabani Ghosh from India.

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