Video of Priyank Kharge’s instructions to cops is misattributed as buoying up cow slaughter.


‘If anyone comes to rescue Cows during Bakrid, kick them and throw them in Jail’: These are the words of Congress President @khargeJi’s son & minister of Karnataka, Mr @PriyankKhargeji. It seems like he’s unable to hide his Hindu hate after winning elections!

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The clipped video is shared with the claims that Priyank Kharge, Minister of Karnataka orders cops to kick and throw in jail those who come to rescue the cow during the Bakrid. And a further hint about the post is that Kharge was unable to hide his Hindu hate after winning the elections.

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The clipped video which was shared on social media claimed that Mr.Priyank Kharge Minister of Karnataka hold a meeting with cops on June 20, 2023, directing top officials to jail the people who strive to save cows. And several members tweeted to their critics that Kharge is anti-Hindu, who buoys up the cow slaughter.

As the video leads to outrage spark, several ministers and users share the clip with the caption as an undeclared emergency in the Southern state. Even the BJP Karnataka’s official Twitter account shared the same clip highlighting Article 48 of the Indian constitution, which states the prevention of slaughter of animals except in recognized and slaughterhouses.

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Andhra Pradesh BJP state general secretary Vishnu Varadhan Reddy also pooled the same clip with an analogous claim.

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What is the truth?

In search for this unfurled video shared by several users, it led us to news reports such as Varthabharathi, India Today, and a full video regarding the meeting was also published on one of the news channels ‘News First Kannada’.

According to those reports, it’s worth mentioning the points emphasized by Kharge i.e, curbing fake news in social media, fending off communal violence, and finally mentioning individuals coming up with Gau Rakshaks inciting violence should be arrested and prosecuted says Mr. Kharge during his meeting with top officials at Kalaburgi Deputy Commisssioner’s office Auditorium.

Furthermore, Minister ordered the police to deny accepting funds from illegal sand smuggling networks, and seize the overloaded vehicles and file appropriate cases against perpetrators, clubs involved in illegal activities to be curtailed as instructed by Dr. Patil to DCP Srinivasalu.

One of the youtube news channel named VarthaBharathi also possesses the same video which was in Kannada, headed as ‘Those who sow communal poison should be curbed: Priyank Kharge’.

So it is clear that Kharge asks the police to take strict action against those who take the law in their hands and prevent from harassment of those who provide proper documents about livestock.

And Priyank Kharge also replied to the tweet Quoting BJP Karnataka’s Twitter page “Dear @BJP Karnataka, time to fire your agency who is handling the party’s Twitter handle. Clearly, they don’t understand Kannada, and forget to understand the constitution. Is BJP suggesting cow vigilantism is legal & that vigilantes of any kind should be encouraged to break the law? try it, my friends, Govt of Karnataka will show you the power of the constitution.”

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OpIndia which is the right-wing propaganda misleads with superscript conveying that President Mallikarjun Kharge directs the cops to kick Gau Rakshaks in Karnataka and Priyank Kharge, those wearing shawls and taking laws in their hands and uttering that they are from dals (Bajrang Dal) kick them and put them behind bars.

Where the byline about Priyank Kharge asked police to take action against the transportation of cattle is impede despite carrying valid documents. But the point made by the minister mentioning about smuggling animals should be put behind bars was not mentioned in Report.


Here, from the above information of the reports and news channel videos, it is clear that Kharge does not speak in the anti- Hindu stance note. Therefore, the above claim is misleading.

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