Video of seizing cash stuffed in a car spare tyre is not related to the ongoing Karnataka elections.


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Karnataka Assembly Election is being held today. A 1:37-minute video clip purportedly showing an official seizing cash stuffed inside a tyre with the help of another person is shared widely to claim that the video is related to recent Karnataka elections where politicians especially BJP uses this method of stuffing cash in a tyre to distribute it to the voters. Some of the posts with the viral video can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and not related to the ongoing Karnataka assembly elections. NDTV article dated 21, April 2019 titled “Rs 2.3 Crore Cash Seized From Car’s Spare Tire In Karnataka” is found carrying a matching visual from the viral video.

‘HW News English’ Youtube channel uploaded a video on 21, April 2019 with matching visuals from the viral video. The description part reads “The Income Tax department has seized cash worth 2.3 crore in cash from the spare tyre of a car travelling from Bengaluru to Shivamogga in Karnataka.

IT department received intelligence about cash being transported from the Karnataka capital to Shivamogga on Saturday”.

ANI tweet dated 20, April 2019 also conveys the same news that 2.3 crore rupees is stuffed inside the spare tyre in a car seized by income tax officials while transporting it from Bangalore to Shivamogga. The viral video is also found tweeted by ANI. Multiple news reports including Bangalore Mirror are also found reporting the same.


It is found that the viral video is not from the recent Karnataka elections but from 2019 elections in Karnataka.

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