This VFX video shows the water getting frozen as it is poured.


Is this witchcraft or just Canadian weather?

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Canada is experiencing extremely cold temperatures, leading to delays or cancellations of dozens of flights. Multiple videos of snow in Canada are doing the rounds on the internet. One such video shows a woman pouring water in a snow-filled open place. The video shows the water freezing as she pours.

What is the Truth?

When searching for the video source, we found it uploaded on the social media handles of an account named Queen Chelsea VFX. We also found multiple other similar videos posted on her social media pages.

The same video is found uploaded on her Instagram page with the caption ‘Word’s longest icicle?’ with the hashtag ‘vfx’. Visual effects, which is abbreviated as VFX, is a process in which film imagery is created or manipulated to make it look real.

Her Youtube account has the caption “I like making impossible things”, in the about section and her Instagram account bio mentions herself as a ‘Visual effects artist’.

Some of the other instances where unreal visuals were shared as real are covered by YouTurn and some of them can be read below.

No, the Las Vegas sphere doesn’t show the Israeli flag, it’s a work of VFX

Viral Video of tornado shared as Biparjoy Cyclone was created using CGI.

Octopus Crawling on the car and breaking the windshield glass is a CGI work

Video of CGI ad campaign showing supersized Barbie near Burj Khalifa is viral.


It is found that a video of the water freezing as it gets poured was created using visual effects, but is falsely shared as a real video.

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