Video of woman thrashed by priest during covid times is falsely shared as caste discrimination.


A woman who tried to enter a Hindu Temple was beaten up mercilessly by the head priest for being: 1. A woman. 2. A woman of lower caste. Poor Hindus get a different kind of Parshad (Grace) from Hindu Temples… Sad. Very Sad. #JaiParshuram #JaiHind

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In the video widely spread on social media, we see a woman wearing a red saree and a priest wearing a mask having a conversation which turned into an ugly fight. Initially, the woman was seen asking to enter the temple for darshan, which was refused by the priest and later he appear to be angry and started to grab the woman’s hair and beat her severely. Some users have shared this video with the caption “look, a woman who tried to enter a Hindu Temple was thrashed mercilessly by the head priest.” The reason is claimed as she belongs to a lower caste and in Hindus, poor people get a different treatment. The user has also added hashtags like #JaiParshuram and #JaiHind.

Meanwhile, the video looks to be captured by the bystanders, standing on the temple premises and no one has interfered in the ongoing brawl.

What’s the truth?

While we started our research using the relevant keywords, we saw similar news published with the same video from August 2021. According to various news reports like Gujarat Samachar and Dainik Bhaskar, this incident took place in Bihar at Shyama Mai Temple located in Darbhanga district. The woman wearing the red saree has come to worship in the temple. It is being told that the woman was adamant about going inside the temple which was closed for them,k general public due to the Covid guidelines.

The stubborn woman went on to open the closed door which created a dispute between her and the priest. During this quarrel, the angry priest grabbed the woman’s hair and beat her severely as seen in the viral video.

In the video, it can be heard that the woman is saying as a goddess has appeared on her. So, she needs to go inside the temple to offer prayers. While hearing this, the priest got angry and asked her, what is inside my hand? For this, the woman replied as, ‘It is a flower inside your hand’ she said it three times, which made the priest more furious, and he pulled her hair and thrashed her immensely. This incident was captured by the people surrounding the premises which went viral later.

This incident was confirmed by the temple manager, Chowdary Hemchandra Roy. He also added that “action is being taken against the priest and the temple committee has decided to suspend the priest from all the temple functions. The matter is under investigation and a proper explanation is asked from the priest for his abnormal behaviour.” However, there was no complaint filed from the woman’s side and she was not even identified still now. The priest was suspended from the temple. This piece of news was also covered by News Track

So, it’s perfectly clear that the incident is from the Corona period and is falsely circulated as the priest ill-treats a woman from scheduled caste. Moreover, this incident has nothing to do with caste discrimination as claimed by the social media users.


Therefore, this old video from the Covid times is being shared with wrong accusations of patriarchy and caste discrimination against the woman and the priest.

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