Video of women consuming liquor during Dussehra in Telangana is falsely shared in the name of Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu. Women play an important role in the family. If women are like this then how will children be brought up?

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A video of a group of women having their food along with liquor is shared on social media to claim that it is from Tamil Nadu. The viral post further questions how women like this can bring their children up.

The caption of such posts are in Hindi and reads as “तमिलनाडु परिवार में महिलाओं की महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका होती हैं। अगर महिलाएं ऐसी होंगी तो बच्चों का पालन-पोषण कैसे होगा।”

What is the truth ?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found that the video is not from Tamil Nadu but from Telangana. The viral video was uploaded to the Youtube channel ‘Banjara Aswitha’. This video is posted with a caption in Telugu that mentions that the video is from the Dussehra celebration. This video was uploaded on 29, October 2023. Dussehra was celebrated on 24, October 2023.

In addition to it, we found similar visuals of men and women having food along with liquor in a video. The same set of women seen in the viral video are seen dancing in other videos on the channel uploaded from October 25, 2023. These videos are likely to be recorded on the same day, as they can all be seen wearing the same attire.

The ‘about’ part of the YouTube channel confirms that it belongs to a person from the Banjara community in Nagar Kurnool, Telangana. The YouTube channel also has multiple other videos of women consuming liquor on various occasions.


It is found that a video of women consuming liquor during Dussehra in Telangana’s Nagar Kurnool is falsely shared as Tamil Nadu.

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