Video related to a fight between school students shared with false communal spin


*Dilshad Punchar s/o Nasibuddin District Meerut Uttar Pradesh up Nisha Jat in one sided love, blackmailing the girl and repeatedly threatening to pick her up, sometimes threatening to throw acid as soon as the girl informed her brothers about the matter. K’s brother and his friends kidnapped Khan Saab only.

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A video of a boy brutally beaten by a group of men where his hand and feet are held by some and others seem to beat him mercilessly by stuffing cloth in his mouth to prevent him from screaming is shared widely on Twitter with the claim that the boy named Dilshad, son of Nasibuddin from UP’s Meerut was loving a girl one-sided and threatening to throw acid on her is caught by her brother and friends and was beaten up by them. Some of the posts can be seen here, here and here.

The viral posts in Hindi read as “दिलशाद पंचर पुत्र s / नसीबूद्दीन जिला मेरठ उत्तर प्रदेश up एकतरफा प्यार में निशा  जाट, लड़की को बलैकमेल कर बार बार उठा लेने की धमकी दे रहा था कभी तेजाब फेंकने की धमकी देता जैसे ही लड़की ने अपने भाईयों कोमामले से अवगत कराया लड़की के भाई और उसके दोस्तों ने खान साब को ही अगवा कर

What is the truth?

The Meerut Police Twitter account replied to one of the viral posts on 13, March 2023 that the viral video is not related to Meerut district but from the district Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). A statement was released to clarify the same and asked the public not to spread misleading news with a warning that strict action will be taken against the persons spreading misleading information.

When searching with relevant keywords we found an article by Free Press Journal published in November 2022 carrying a screengrab of the viral video. This article reported that the incident happened on 29, August in the Kolar area but the video went viral in November.

It further mentions that a 16-year-old class 12 student was beaten by a group of men who have fought with his schoolmates already. This boy was beaten for not letting them know the address of another student the group of men asked for. No mention of the acid attack threat or anything as claimed in the viral posts is mentioned in the article.

The Dainik Bhaskar article mentioned the names of the accused as Richard, Lucky Malviya, Sandeep and Harshit. The police have registered a case against the accused and started searching for them. No mention of the victim’s name as Dilshad or that he is a Muslim is seen anywhere in the articles that we referred to. And the story mentioned in the viral posts is completely unrelated to what has happened.

We contacted Kolar Police Station, Bhopal from Youturn to confirm the identity of the person being beaten up in the viral video. It was clarifed that the video is related to a fight between school students in Kolar. And the name of the accused are confirmed as Richard, Lucky Malviya, Sandeep and Harshit, the victim is identified as Uday Pratap Singh Yadav, son of Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.


It is found that the boy was beaten by a group of men for not revealing one of his schoolmate’s address to them. But the video is shared with a false claim that the boy Dilshad was loving a girl, threatening to throw acid on her, and ended up beaten by her brother and his friends. A complete story is framed to accuse the victim of false communal spin.

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