Are the people really fighting with AAP MLA in Punjab?

A video purportedly showing a group of people fighting with a person is claimed as local people fighting with AAP MLA in Punjab.


Ek Mauka… #AAP MLA in Panjab…

##AAP के ठगों से सावधान.

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A short video clip of a group of people fighting with a person is circulated on Twitter with the claim that the person is Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA in Punjab and that the people in the area are fighting with him. Posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the video till the end we found the copyright given to ‘Lok Awaz Punjabi’. This name was also displayed throughout the video as a watermark. When searching for ‘Lok Awaz Punjabi’ a Youtube channel was found with the same name. The search resulted in multiple videos from the Lok Awaz Punjabi YouTube channel out of which one seems to have matching visuals from the viral video.

The 20-second Youtube video with matching visuals from the viral video was uploaded on 30, January 2023. The video is titled ‘MLA | Lok Awaz Punjabi’ with hashtags including the words ‘funny’ and ‘shorts’. A link to a full-length video was given in the description of this video.

This full-length version of Lok Awaz Punjabi video was uploaded on 28, January 2023 with a title in Punjabi and is mentioned as ‘Punjabi Short Movie’. The viral video part starts from the 2.25-minute timestamp of this video. And disclaimer is displayed at the 20-second timestamp of the video. The same is also given in the description which reads “The video made by Lok Awaz Tv is made for entertainment pupose only. It has been created to aware the people from social evils and for awareness purpose. All the characters and events are fictious and have no relation with any person. Any resemblance will be mere co incidence We have no intention to hurt any person, profession or community.”

The Facebook page Lok Awaz Punjabi posted the same video a few days back with the same title. The ‘about’ part of the page mentions them as a broadcasting and media production company.


It is found that the viral video of people fighting with a person is a short movie by the Lok Awaz Punjabi team. The movie video clip is falsely shared in a thought that people are really fighting with the AAP MLA in Punjab.

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