View of Japan’s volcano claimed as a view of Mt. Kailash!


Such a Kailash darshan scene can never be seen



The four-second (GIF) video of clouds moving around the mountain has been going viral on social media for days claiming that it is the view of Mount Kailash.

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What is the truth?

Mt Kailash in Chinese-controlled Tibet is 6,638 meters above sea level. Every year thousands of people go on the Kailash pilgrimage. Pilgrims are required to travel to the Chinese-held Tibet region to obtain a visa after travelling the Indian route. There are many videos of Kailash mountain trekking on the internet.

There are differences between the mountain in the video that goes viral as Mt.Kailash and the mountain in the video taken during the Mt.Kailash trip. Also, the mountain between the clouds looks like a volcano.

So while taking keyframes from the video and doing a reverse image search, on the Facebook page of Airporttag in 2017, the same video with four seconds that went viral was published as the tallest Mount Fuji in Japan.

A video of Mount Fuji with clouds captured from the flight has been published on a YouTube channel in 2017. They have converted a photo of Mount Fuji, Japan taken from a plane into a GIF and shared it on social media.


The video circulated on social media sites as Mount Kailash Darshan is not Mt.Kailash, but is identified as Fuji Volcano in Japan.

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