This article is from Mar 20, 2021

A fake cheque is shared as that Vijay Mallya gave Rs 35 crore to BJP!


Wanted criminal Vijay Mallya donated funds to the BJP in 2016.

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A fake cheque from Axis Bank is claimed to be Vijay Mallya’s cheque and it was seen circulating on social media alleging that he had donated Rs 35 crore to the BJP. Even in the last 2018, this cheque has gone viral on the internet.

Fact check:

The party name itself is incorrect in the viral cheque that Vijay Mallya handed over to the BJP in 2016. Bharatiya Janta party instead of Bhartiya Janata party.

Next, the signature of Vijay Mallya is incorrect. The original autograph of Vijay Mallya can be seen in the letter posted on Twitter in 2018.

Also, Mallya fled India in March just before the date 08-11-2016 mentioned in the cheque. On the check, the name of the company Glamor Steels private limited is mentioned. Its directors are Mukesh Kumar and Amit Kumar Saxena.


In our search, it came to know that the cheque circulating that Vijay Mallya had given Rs 35 crore to the BJP in 2016 was a photoshopped fake cheque.

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