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Video of attempted robbery on Vikravandi Highway is untrue – Police warning.


The cinema-style robbery attempt is said to have taken place near Vikravandi in Villupuram district. Police have arrested three people from Madurai who were drinking alcohol at a liquor store in Tindivanam after the footage went viral on the internet. They are under serious investigation.

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The video, which was reported on December 18, 2020 at 1.30 pm in Tindivanam, has gone viral on social media.

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Similarly, ” ❌️Alert  ❌️Warning Madurai: Innovative Robbery Attempt: Motorists Fear by Viral Video. Highway High (Light) Technique Thieves! Drive carefully, ”he said, referring to other areas, including Madurai, and warning people. Still others, without knowing where the incident took place, are sharing as an innovative robbery attempt.

The driver picks up the car from behind and escapes as the robbers surround the car and try to rob it by hitting the torch light in front of the car at night. This video has gone viral on social media and is causing fear among the people.

Travelers in the Vikravandi area are said to be in a state of panic as the video has spread. However, the Tamil Nadu Police has denied that any such incident took place there.

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On the official Facebook page of the Tamil Nadu Police, “Police warning !. The video circulating that a robbery attempt took place in the Vikravandi highway area in Villupuram district was fake. Motorists can drive the vehicle without any fear. We would like to inform you that if such fake videos are spread on social networking sites, the police will take stern action. ”

People are scared because the latest date is specific video. However, the police did not share any information about where the robbery attempt in this video took place or whether it was real.

During a search, News18 English reported on December 26, “Cartoq’s website reported that the video was taken during an attempt to rob a car with a torch light in front of a car on the road in Jaipur, Odisha, but no report has been released by the Odisha police.”

Even before it spread in Tamil Nadu, on December 24, some YouTube channels reported that the robbery attempt had taken place in Odisha. However, we cannot say for sure.


In any case, it is good that the occupants of the vehicle are alert. But do not make people afraid by viralizing the place where the robbery attempt did not take place.

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