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Seized Vinayagar idols shifted in a garbage truck. Is it done by the DMK government?


The vinayagar idols seized are shifted in a garbage truck. Dedicating this to those who voted for DMK.

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Several states have banned Vinayagar chathurthi processions and restricted placing the idols in public places to prevent Covid from spreading. The respective state’s BJP members and Hindu associations are condemning the ban.

A post condemning the DMK government for shifting the seized Vinayagar idols placed in a shop for sale, in a garbage truck goes viral on social media. Sumathi Venkatesh, a Tamil Nadu BJP member seem to share it on her Twitter page.

What is the Truth?

No news was found on shifting seized Vinayagar idols in a garbage truck in Tamil Nadu. It is found that the picture was captured in Andhra with the help of a reverse image search.

On September 7, Anshul Saxena has tweeted the video of seizing Vinayagar idols from the roadside shops and the photographs of Vinayagar idols in a garbage truck. He has also mentioned that the video is from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

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C T Ravi, BJP Karnataka too has tweeted the photographs tagging Andhra CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on September 7.

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A vehicle with an Andhra registration number can be seen in the viral picture. This incident was published in the ‘Times of India’ news article dated 8th September. However, Tamil Nadu BJP members resume sharing the picture as it has happened in Tamil Nadu and condemning the DMK government.


It is evident that the seized Vinayagar idols shifted in a garbage truck was in Guntur, Andhra but not in Tamil Nadu.

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