Viral claim that Indira Gandhi government shot dead 5,000 Sadhus in front of the Parliament in 1966 is false


There was a terrorist attack on parliament on Nov 6 1966 @BJP4Karnataka make Nov 6 1966 as the nationalist day/animal day when 1000’s of sadhus gave up their life to protect cow slaughter

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A 2-minute video is being circulated on social media, claiming that 1000 Sadhus were killed in 1966 by the Indira Gandhi government’s firing and they were those who rioted in front of Parliament against cow slaughter.

In some old posts, they have also claimed that more than 5,000 Sadhus have been killed during this firing and it can be seen here. Come let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

Since India’s independence, Hindu organizations have been constantly demanding cow protection and a ban on cow slaughter. Following this, on November 7, 1966, the Sarvathalia Koraksa Mahapian Samiti organized a satyagraha in Delhi. The number of participants in this protest increased due to the support of the then-Jana Sangh.

On that day, protesters, including Sadhus, who had been protesting against the ban on cow slaughter, attempted to blockade Parliament following speeches by Swami Karbhatri and Bharatiya Jana Sangh Lok Sabha MP Swami Rameshwaranand. This resulted in a shootout with the police.

An article has been published on ‘The Hindu’ website to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this incident in 1966. It mentions that when the house of Congress leader Kamaraj was attacked by rioters, he narrowly escaped with his life and this was the first attack on Parliament in independent India.

The Indian Express on 8 November 1966,m reported that police opened fire during violence in front of Parliament by anti-cow protesters in Delhi. Seven people were killed and 200 injured in the violence.

On November 8, The Hindu reported, “Anti-cow protesters entered Parliament premises and engaged in violent acts. They torched parked cars and set fire to central government buildings. The police who were on security duty in the Parliament complex opened fire on the mob. According to official information, 7 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the violent incidents, Home Minister Mr. GL Nanda reported in the Lok Sabha.”

On November 9, The Age, an Australian newspaper, reported that the police had arrested 750 people in connection with the violence in front of Parliament, and the death toll had risen to 8.

In a document on the Lok Sabha debates held between November 1 and 15, 1966, Minister of State for Home Affairs Jaishukh Lal Hadi’s reply stated that during the violence, 41 people were injured by shell fire and 70 others were injured by other causes. Also, it has been reported that 8 people, including a policeman, have died, out of which 3 people have not been identified.

We have also published an article with evidence related to the violence of the cow protectors who tried to kill Kamaraj.

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In our research, reports claiming that the police shot dead 5,000 sadhus during the 1966 violence by cow vigilantes in front of Parliament during the Indira Gandhi regime are false.

According to the news published in 1966 and the reply given by the government in Parliament is known that 8 people, including a policeman, died in the violence.

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