Viral padlocked grave is from India and not from Pakistan as claimed.


Pakistani parents lock daughters’ graves to avoid rape. #Pakistan #necrophiliacases #sexualharassment #crime

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An image of padlocked grave painted in green went viral with the claim that it is from Pakistan as the parents in Pakistan lock their daughter’s grave to avoid rape. This image is shared by multiple mainstream media outlets including ANI, NDTV, Times Now and Times of India. ANI shared it with the hashtags ‘necrophilia cases, Pakistan, sexual harassment and crime’. It is also being shared by social media users and can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the viral image is not from Pakistan and is not related to the necrophilia case.


A Twitter user with the username ‘Delhiite’ is found tweeting a video of the padlocked grave mentioning that the grave is in India and not from Pakistan. The post further mentions that it is in DarabJung Colony, Madannapet, Hyderabad, Telangana. And a lock has been put on this grave so that no one should bury someone else in that grave.

Surya Reddy, a Journalist tweeted a few other visuals from the same location mentioning that it is from Madannapet of Hyderabad. The post further mentions “The 65-year-old woman who was buried in the grave, died 3 years ago. His son Muzaffar Ali, was deeply saddened, after seeing the photo of his mother’s grave, was viral with a false claim.”

The person seen in the videos is identified as Abdul Jaleel, a social worker who visited the spot on request of Alt News. A Facebook post of Abdul Jaleel is also found with a couple of images from the location.

The image of the padlocked grave in the cemetery on Google Street View is also found.

Though there were cases of necrophilia where the buried corpses in Pakistan were dug out for sexual relation with the dead bodies, this viral image is unrelated to necrophilia and not from Pakistan.


It is found that an image of a padlocked grave in a cemetery in Hyderabad is falsely used to claim that Pakistani fathers lock their daughter’s grave to avoid rape.

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