Viral video of Palestinians faking death is not from Palestine.

Social media claims Palestinians are faking death to artificially inflate the death toll in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict triggered by Hamas’ terror attack.


We’re happy to report his condition has been upgraded to alive.

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The ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict has spanned a month, during which the health ministry in Gaza has reported that over 9,700 Palestinians, including 4,800 children, have lost their lives. This was triggered by a terror attack on Israel by Hamas, the de facto governing body of the Gaza strip after the civil war in 2007.

Recently, a video purporting to show Palestinians “faking” their own deaths went viral in social media. The post by a satire account on X has received over 4 million views. Many such posts can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

After analyzing the keyframes via a Google reverse image search, we found the viral video on’s Instagram handle and it was posted on October 28, 2023. The Instagram ID is the official account of Zayan FM, a radio channel in Malaysia. The post by the radio channel credited a TikTok account metjetak17 for the video. We were able to find the video on the TikTok page and it was posted on 19th August 2023 with a hashtag ‘y15zrMalaysia’. The ongoing conflict in the middle east started only from October 7th 2023.


When we searched further, we were able to find another post with the same video on Instagram from August 2023, which also is from Malaysia. The caption claims that the video is from a Funeral Management Course (kursus pengurusan jenazah).

When we searched for kursus pengurusan jenazah on YouTube, we were able to find many such training videos.

Thus, the viral video is not from Gaza or Palestine. It is originally from Malaysia which was taken weeks before the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza/Palestine that started on October 7th 2023. Similar misinformation surrounding the ongoing conflict are spread in social media which can be read here.

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The viral video shared by many is not from Gaza or Palestine. It is from Malaysia taken weeks before the conflict started.

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