Viral Video of tornado shared as Biparjoy Cyclone was created using CGI.


The visuals of #BiparjoyCyclone making a splash #LANDFALL in a port area, Kutch, Gujarat #BiparjoyUpdate #BiparjoyNews #Gujaratcyclone

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Severe cyclonic storm Biparjoy made landfall on Jakhau port in the Gujarat coast. The storm weakens and the coastal district is experiencing gusty winds and persistent rains. Meanwhile, a video clip purportedly showing a tornado is viral with the claim that it is the visuals of the Biparjoy cyclone making a splash landfall in a port area in Gujarat’s Kutch. BN Adhikari, IIS(Rtd), (Ex-Director, DD News, Ministry of I&B, Government of India as mentioned in his Twitter bio), also shared this video with the same claim. Another Twitter user shared the same video with the claim that the Biparjoy cyclone is being formed.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and created using CGI.

A Facebook user ‘Shea Gibson – Meteorologist’ posted the viral video on 27, December 2020 with the caption “Fake microburst circulation social media again”. His Facebook page is filled with news and updates related to the weather.


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An Instagram page ‘Orphic Framer’ posted the same video on 7, June 2019 with hashtags including cgi, vfx, visual effects, digital art, photoshop, etc., The bio of the Instagram page mentions as ‘Visual Effects Artist’. And a link to the Youtube channel is mentioned in the bio.

The viral video is also found uploaded on the Orphic Framer website on 22, December 2018, quoting it as a CGI simulation in the title “Tornado in Jersey, Channel Islands (CGI Simulation)(TikTok)”. The description part lists the software and gear used to create the video as Nikon D7200 50mm 1.8, Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D (with Turbulence FD plugin).

BN Adhikari, IIS(Rtd), (Ex-Director, DD News, Ministry of I&B, Government of India as mentioned in his Twitter bio), also shared another video of a yacht being overturned by a huge wave as Biparjoy Cyclone. The video is not linked to Biparjoy cycling as he claimed. Youturn fact-checked the same along with a few other visuals circulated in the name of Biparjoy cyclone and published an article on the same.

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It is found that the viral video of tornado shared in the name of Biparjoy cyclone is old and was created using visual effects.

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