No, this baby is not a doll or a scene from Pallywood.


Either this doll was very close to their hearts, or it’s just another scene from Pallywood… Their false propaganda is just embarrassing

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A couple of videos purportedly showing a baby from Palestine are shared to claim that the baby is not real but a plastic or toy baby. Some of the social media users share one of the videos mentioning it as a doll.

These videos are also shared mentioning the word ‘Pallywood’ in the caption or hashtags. Some of such posts can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

Some of the videos shared on social media platforms have a watermark ‘Omar _aldirawi’ on them. When searching for it, we found an Instagram account and when skimming through the posts we found both the viral videos posted on the page.

One of the videos showing a woman holding the baby is captioned “A mother bid farewell to her martyr child, who was no more than 5 months old and was one of the targets of the occupation. This morning after it violated the truce”.

Another video of a man holding the same baby is also found on the same Instagram page with a similar caption. We also found another visual of the same baby with the hashtag ‘Gaza under attack’.

The Getty Images website posted an image of the baby seen in the viral videos, mentioning that the dead body of a 5-month-old Palestinian baby named Muhammad Hani Al-Zahar, was brought to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital by his mother Asmahan Attia Al-Zahar and grandfather Attia Abu Amra after the Israeli airstrikes at the end of the humanitarian pause in Deir Al-Balah, Gaza on December 1, 2023. The photo is credited to Ali Jadallah/Anadolu.

This clarifies that the baby is not a toy or plastic or a scene from Pallywood, but is the dead body of a baby named Muhammad Hani Al-Zahar who died in the Israel airstrikes.

What is Pallywood?

Pallywood: “According to Palestinian Sources” is a documentary film made by Rickard Landes in 2005. Pallywood, a term coined by Richard Landes combining “Palestinian” and “Hollywood,” refers to incidents staged by Palestinian journalists for the Western media and often in cooperation with their camera crews in order to create anti-Israel propaganda cleverly presented to the world as factual news.

The word ‘Pallywood’ is being used by social media users to mock the Palestinians in the context that they are staging an act to show that they were injured/dead in the Israel-Hamas war. There were multiple instances where real videos of Palestinians’ sufferings were shared in the name of Pallywood. YouTurn covered some of them which can be read below.

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No, it’s not a doll as claimed by Israel rather it’s a dead child’s body


It is found that the real visuals of people holding the dead body of a 5-year-old Palestinian child are shared to claim that it is a toy/plastic or a scene from Pallywood.

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