Visuals from 2022 Saharanpur violence are falsely linked to the recent Mira Road riots.


The police are looking after guests. Such treatment is essential for all paper tigers who create No Go Zones. West Bengal also needs this medicine. #MiraRoad

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Communal clashes occurred in multiple parts of Maharashtra including Mira Road amidst Ram temple inauguration in Ayodhya. A Hindu rally entered a Muslim locality on January 21 in Mira Road, Mumbai which led to clashes between both sides. 13 people have been arrested so far in this incident. Multiple videos are circulated in the name of Mira Road riots.


A video showing a couple of visuals, one with a set of people inside a prison, and another one with police beating a few people with a lathi is being linked to the Mira Road riots.

What is the Truth?

When searching for these videos we found that both the clips are old and not related to recent Mira Road riots. The image of the first clip showing people inside a prison is found posted in the Jagran article dated 11, June 2022. This article reports on the violence in Saharanpur

The next visual from the viral video is also related to Saharanpur violence in 2022. An article on BBC website dated 17, June 2022 is found featuring matching visuals from this portion of the viral video.

The BBC article states that the visuals are related to Muslims’ protests over Nupur Sharma’s remarks about the Prophet Mohammed. This video is falsely linked to the recent Mira Road riots.

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It is found that a video with visuals of a set of people inside a prison, and police beating a group of Muslims from 2022 Saharanpur violence is falsely shared as Mira Road riots.

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