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Did Jagan Mohan condemn the Karnataka government over VK Sasikala’s health issue?


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has strongly condemned the Karnataka government. When the Karnataka Prisons Department had not allowed visitors to meet anyone for the past 10 months, then how corona infection had occurred to Sasikala. It would have been a planned political conspiracy…
It is suspected that they had deliberately spread such infections in prison and conspired to kill Sasikala through treatment. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Congress President Jagan Mohan Reddy.



VK Sasikala, who was jailed on a charge of accumulating wealth, was reportedly released on January 27, meantime recently she has been diagnosed with various problems, including pneumonia, and was diagnosed with corona infection.

Political party members and Netizens on social media have been raising suspicions that Sasikala is in critical condition just days before her release from prison.

Meanwhile, a post has been shared on social media by AIADMK supporters and TTV supporters that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan has strongly condemned the Karnataka government over VK Sasikala’s health.

There is no record of Jagan Mohan condemning the Karnataka government or talking about Sasikala’s health. Even the Tamil Nadu media, which has been publishing immediate news about Sasikala’s health, has not published any such news regarding this. There is no post on Jagan Mohan’s personal social websites too.

The latest news is that Jagan Mohan has started a project to bring home ration items by vehicle in Andhra Pradesh.


The Telugu Desam People’s Party (TDP) has demanded that a case be filed against Jagan Mohan in 2017 in connection with the verdict in the disproportionate assets case. Also, it is noteworthy that they said that the thing that happened for Sasikala will also happen for Jagan Mohanto soon.

No official information has been released that Jagan Mohan has condemned the Karnataka government for Sasikala’s health and only Sasikala supporters are misrepresenting such information on social media.


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