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Is this a car advertisement published by Volkswagen?


Volkswagen from Germany advertises a new car.

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In the 22-second video, a bomb explodes inside a car and explodes when a button is pressed to park a car in an area where there are terrorist people getting out of the house and driving. Finally ”Polo. small but tough ”ends with the Volkswagen car logo.

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The video, which was posted on Rishabh’s Facebook page as Volkswagen’s new car ad, has been shared with other Facebook groups. Earlier, the video went viral in other languages including Hindi and English. Therefore, we decided to investigate whether the Volkswagen car company had published such an advertisement.

Fact Check:

A search of a Volkswagen terrorist car advertisement revealed that the Volkswagen suicide bombing advertisement was a fake and a spoof video, where news about the video was published on The Guardian in 2005.

Volkswagen spokesman Paul Buckett said it was not their company’s advertisement and that they were taking legal action against the makers of the video.

Two spoof ad creators, Lee and Dan, have made a viral promotional video on the Internet. They are also doing real ads. However, Volkswagen did not make the announcement for the car company, making a spoof video as a satire.

Commenting on this, Dan said, “This ad came out by accident and spread like wildfire. It reflects what people see in the news every day. This car is the hero who protects innocent people from those with evil intentions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. ”

On January 26, 2005, reported that it was planning to take legal action against those who published a suicide attack advertisement in their company’s name and send a letter regarding this Lee and Dan on behalf of Volkswagen’s lawyers.


In our search, the only video that was circulated as a new car ad for Volkswagen, Germany was a spoof video released in 2005. This is not a video released by Volkswagen. Fifteen years later that spoof video is once again going viral on the internet.

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